Bradford Community Kitchen have for the past 5, years have supported our homeless friends with a hot meal, clothing, sanitary products toiletries and essential items.

    All our work is referred to us by citizens advice, staying put (Domestic violence charity), Doulas (Domestic violence charity) In communities, Early start, Lynfield mount Bradford council and many other organisations.

  • We have also been supporting our Homeless friends in getting them off the streets into temporary accommodation and then in to permanent accommodation.
  • We have also furnished properties with beds, duvets, cutlery and decorated full houses to make our vulnerable families comfortable in their new homes.
  • We have also supported our homless friends with hotel accommodation to get them off the streets in extremely cold weather this was funded by our generous sponsors.
  • We was one of the first organisations in Bradford to offer support to the many people in the district when the pandemic hit us.
  • We delivered over 10,000 free school meals with the support of the government funding that was made available to us by BradfordCouncil.
  • We have also supported elderly people with a befriending service calling on them to ensure they was ok.
  • We have supported people during the pandemic who have had suicidal thoughts by supporting them throughout the pandemic.
  • In extremely cold weather we go out as a team as outreach workers to support our homeless friends with hot good and drinks we also distribute gloves, scarves and hats.
  • We then set up Bradford Community Kitchen food bank delivering food boxes to the most vulnerable families in Bradford we have delivered more than 20,000 food boxes to families in need.
  • We offer a 7, day doorstep home delivery service our aim is to not let anyone sleep on an empty stomach.
  • We have also been selected for the year 2021 for the Bradford Lord Mayors charity appeal.
  • Since the pandemic hit us all we have unable to serve hot food from the kitchen as we could not serve our homeless friends in a tight space due to the 2metre distance and overcrowding.